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Frequently Asked Questions

How are exterior paint colors chosen by Behr?

Colors applied to test board and allowed to dry according to manufacturer's specifications. Blue colors chosen from Behr and competitor's palettes and tinted with each manufacturer's colorant. Specialized polymers cross-link to provide a tough, non-stick surface, helping to prevent dirt adhesion. Photo of actual test panel.

What kind of primer to use on Behr marquee?

This may require you to power wash and apply a primer before painting. BEHR MARQUEE Exterior's superior adhesion makes painting over chalky surfaces simpler. By eliminating the additional step of using a separate primer, just power wash the surface and apply 2 coats of Marquee Exterior for optimal durability.

Which is the best Behr concrete floor paint?

Overall, the Behr Premium Granite Grip is a remarkable concrete paint that’ll breathe new life into your home, adding years to your driveway and garage surfaces. Follow the directions to the letter and you’re more than guaranteed to get a perfect finish that’s greatly improved, both in looks and quality.

Can a powder coating be used as a paint base?

K.B. A. Powder coatings are an excellent paint base. All paints will adhere to polyester and epoxy powder coated surfaces provided there are no slip agents on their surfaces (added to paint and powder formulation to increase mar resistance).

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