Why You Should Upgrade Landscaping?


There are many reasons you may want to update your landscaping. To begin with, your landscape is always evolving as plants mature and seasons change. A landscape that looked perfect for years may appear off-balance if a tree doesn’t survive a wind storm or shrubs succumb to spider mites or become misshapen due to improper pruning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should you update landscaping?

A very broad rule-of-thumb suggests you take a hard look at your landscape plan at least every five to ten years.

How does landscaping increase value?

Landscaping not only increases curb appeal, but can give real estate properties a 15 percent increase in value, says a Virginia Tech study. The study discovered that the perceived value of a home is affected by plant size, type, and design in landscaping.

Why do people upgrade their software every year?

Since the user is the center of the developer's universe, they want to make your experience better with every release. You'll find user experience and user interaction will improve with most new software releases.

Why is it important to upgrade your antivirus software?

Before hackers unleash a major attack on a network, they could actually go into key machines on a system and disable antivirus software. This is an extremely serious issue as it signals that cybercriminals could gain access to your machine and wander around the network without being noticed. Always check that you have the latest software.

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