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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you pay your employees in cash?

Keep in mind that if you do pay employees in cash, the IRS will pay closer attention to your records, so you need to make sure to deposit the correct amount of taxes. Because there is no paper trail when you pay employees in cash, managing payroll can become complex.

Is it good business practice to pay employees in cash?

Staying on top of your records is a general good business practice, but becomes essential when paying cash. Because cash doesn’t come with the same paper trail as direct deposit or a check, you need to count on accurate records. Keep track of the amount of wages paid, the payroll taxes withheld, and when you paid your employee.

Is it bad to work for a cheap employer?

The whole thing is a recipe for disaster. You are right to be wary of organizations that save pennies and waste dollars the way your Connecticut employer is doing. You're going to run into employers like that on any job search, and you're going to do just what you did this time – get out, and get out fast!

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