Why Is Landscaping Important To The Environment?


Landscaping allows different species of plants to flourish in their natural habitat, free of pests. They are provided with an adequate amount of water, good quality of soil, and sunlight to grow and nurture. It also helps in protecting endangered plant species that carry medicinal properties.


10 Reasons Why Landscaping Is Important

  • 1. Landscaping preserves the environment Sprawling cities hurt the environment. We know the negative consequences of…
  • 2. Landscaping helps manage soil pollution Factory pollution is one of the most serious types of pollution. The areas…
  • 3. Landscaping helps clean the air Plants clean the air as well as the soil. Trees are…

Healthy Lawns and Landscapes Fight Climate Change

Landscaping for Climate Change

How landscape approaches can contribute to find solutions for a sustainably managed landscape

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to landscape?

Landscapes and features are important because they contribute significantly to our well-being and quality of life. They provide the broader context within which we live our lives. Living within aesthetically pleasing and culturally meaningful landscapes enhances our sense of wellbeing.

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