Why Do Landscapers Take The Guards Their Weedeaters?


Anything that you hit with the string is out at very outside edge of the guard any way. I took mine off for three reasons; 1) so you can trim around poles/trees without going all the way around the object, 2) to reduce weight, 3) I don’t use a bump head.

What ACTUALLY Happens When You Run A Trimmer With No Guard!

Should I take Off My weed Eater Guard?

Why You SHOULDN’T Take The Trimmer Guard OFF (But We Do!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a guard on your Weedeater?

Guards, IMO, are annoying and get in the way. It is easier without them. And i hate the knife that cuts your line. If my line gets too long i just grind it against a rock. That knife actually makes you use more line. I've had absolutely no injurys due to no guards on my trimmers. For eye protection i sometimes wear sun glasses.

Who takes the trimmer guards off for turf?

ProCutLawnCare&Landscape: “Most of ours are guard off. “Guard off benefits: Float the line better over turf, more finesse, better visibility, length of line controlled by operator, productivity, better end results in my opinion.

Can A weedeater be run with too much string?

“As far as performance, the engine is built to run the string a certain length. When you have too much string, you seriously undermine the performance of the weedeater.” davidcentralflorida: “I do. Off with the guards – added weight to the end of a 5-foot leverage bar.

Can you use a trimmer without a guard?

I usually use the trimmer without a guard. … No problems and not too much kicked up, but I usually wear long pants anyhow.” Uranus: “On, but, I move the guard up the shaft. … I move mine up the shaft high enough so that the line will not hit the guard. I think it works pretty well. I can have a guard and have a longer line while working.

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