Why Do I Suck At Drawing Landscapes?


Why do I suck at drawing” is a question I hear people asking themselves a lot. And the short and kinda direct answer to this question is: “Because you either don´t exercise or you don´t exercise correctly and therefore you don´t get better at drawing.” Also, drawing takes a lot of time to learn and you never truly master it.

Why Do I Suck at Art? | How To Improve Your Art Skills

Your art sucks, and that’s OK

Why You Suck at Drawing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get better at landscape drawings?

The Secret to Great Landscape Drawings

  1. Step 1: Start with the focal point. Decide what your focal point is, and draw that first. ...
  2. Step 2: Simplify the scene as you go. As you're drawing, look at the landscape with an editor's eye. ...
  3. Step 3: Start shading and adding details.

Why do I struggle to draw?

Reason 1 – You Need More Practice This is probably the most common reason why people struggle with drawing. They simply need more practice to get better. Drawing is a skill and like with any other skill, you can't expect to get better without practicing it.

Can you really get better at drawing?

And what I learned from years and years of drawing is that if you draw a lot, you get better. Your lines will become more varied, more interesting, with subtle variations. The more variety in your practice, the more you'll build fine motor skills and the more confident you'll be with a pen in hand.

Why do people think they can't draw?

Drawing is all about attitude and confidence. If you think you can draw, you will be able to. If you don’t think you can draw, you won’t even give yourself the chance to try. So, even if you think you might be bad, believe you can do it … because you can!

Why is drawing important to a landscape architect?

Landscape architecture requires a broad set of skills to understand a site and to propose a design. Among the most important of these skills is hand drawing. Being able to sketch an idea or a landscape gives you the ability to understand it at a deeper level in a relatively quick time.

Why do people want to be good at drawing?

With enough practice and dedication, you too can become good at drawing. It will help you better communicate with clients, and you will see the world in a different way. Once you understand the basics of hand drawing, the same practices can transition into your digital work, which will be better as a result.

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