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Frequently Asked Questions

Do plumbers fix faucets?

Plumbers will indeed install a new faucet in your bathroom. ... It's not terribly difficult for a plumber to replace a bathroom faucet, as it's a very routine job for an experienced professional.

When to call mr.handyman for a bathroom remodel?

Whatever the project is that you need completed, we promise to arrive on time and perform quality workmanship that's guaranteed to your satisfaction. If your bathroom is tired and outdated, call on Mr. Handyman for a complete bathroom remodel and renovation.

Is it safe to have Mr Handyman install a light fixture?

Our services are safe and can be done to your exact standards—so not only can you enjoy the soft glow of a new fixture, but can you have peace of mind knowing all complications relating to the electrical services have been handled by an expert. “They are AWESOME!!!” “Finally a service that is professional and takes pride in thier work!”

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