Which Of The Following Was Another English Landscape Painter?

The British landscape – Moorland



Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the most famous English landscape painters?

English Landscape Painting Thomas Girtin, Turner, John Constable, Richard Parkes Bonington. MAIN A-Z INDEX- A-Z of ART MOVEMENTS The Hay Wain (1821) (detail) By John Constable. One of the most famous landscape paintings. ENGLISH LANDSCAPE PAINTING For information and facts about this painting genre, see: Richard Wilson(1714-82)

Who is the artist of the landscape of the soul?

Landscape of the Soul Lesson and Explanation A WONDERFUL old tale is told about the painter Wu Daozi, who lived in the eighth century. His last painting was a landscape commissioned by the Tang Emperor Xuanzong, to decorate a palace wall. The master had hidden his work behind a screen, so only the Emperor would see it.

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