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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a classical Chinese landscape different from a western landscape?

A classical Chinese landscape is not meant to reproduce an actual view, as would a Western figurative painting. Whereas the European painter wants you to borrow his eyes and look at a particular landscape exactly as he saw it, from a specific angle, the Chinese painter does not choose a single viewpoint.

Which is the following is true of popular culture?

Q. Which of the following is true of popular culture? Q. The fact that trends in popular culture (e.g. fashion) proceed from large global centers (Milan, Paris, New York) through a series of progressively smaller cities is an example of hierarchical diffusion.

What does the phrase landscape of the soul mean?

This phrase explains The Chinese art from where a Chinese painter wants you to enter his mind rather than borrow his eyes. This is a physical as well as a mental participation. It is a landscape created by the artist to travel up and down, and back again, through the viewer’s eyes.

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