Which Landscape Designer Earned The Nickname Capability?


Lancelot "Capability" Brown | 1715 – 1783. The prolific British designer earned his nickname by repeatedly enthusing that his clients’ grounds had the capability of enhancement into beautifully tailored landscapes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Lancelot Brown called capability?

Lancelot Brown, nicknamed 'Capability', due to his habit of describing the great 'capabilities' of his clients landscapes, was the most successful landscape gardener of the eighteenth century.

When did Capability Brown die?

February 6, 1783Capability Brown/Date of death

Who is the most famous English landscape designer?

Lancelot Brown is the most famous English landscape designer. Lancelot Brown was born in Northumberland and served an apprenticeship with Sir William Lorraine.

Why was Lancelot Brown known as the capability architect?

2. Lancelot “Capability” Brown (1716-1783) Lancelot Brown was an English landscape architect who was often known by his nickname, Capability. He earned the moniker because he used to tell his customers that their sites had good “capability” for landscaping.

What kind of landscape did Capability Brown create?

Brown's patrons saw the idealised landscapes he was creating for them in terms of the Italian landscape painters they admired and collected, as Kenneth Woodbridge first observed in the landscape at Stourhead, a "Brownian" landscape (with an un-Brownian circuit walk) in which Brown himself was not involved.

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