Which Exterior Home Style Quiz?

What Is My Interior Design Style Quiz Hgtv (see description)

What interior design style suits your personality?

These Are the 15 Most Popular Home Styles What’s Your Type?

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find out your interior design style?

Take our fun and easy visual Style Quiz to determine which of our interior decorating styles best suits you. You’ll be shown a series of image collages that represent particular styles. These will include texture, lifestyle and interior images. Just tell us what you love, like or would prefer to leave.

How to choose the best style of house to live in?

1. Pick a classic story. 2. Pick a destination. 3. Pick a drink. 4. Pick a king. 5. Pick the movie with your favorite house. 6. Pick a form of transportation. 7. Pick a historical figure or character. 8. Pick an architect or developer. 9. Pick a color combo. 10. Pick a site. 11. Crown molding — yes or no? Your house is … Colonial revival!

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