Where To Place Exterior Security Cameras?


So where is the best place to mount a security camera?

  • Doors. Most intruders attempt to enter a home either through the front door (34 percent) 3 or the back door (22 percent)…
  • Driveway. Installing an outdoor camera with a clear view of the driveway and surrounding area can help prevent vandalism…
  • Obscure Windows. Intruders often enter homes through windows out of…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to put a security camera in your home?

The most likely points of entry are the front door (34%), a first-floor window (23%), and the back door (22%). These statistics make it clear where you should locate security cameras around (and in) the home. With those key locations covered, look to a few other areas to ensure the best possible surveillance of your home.

What's the best way to position a garage door camera?

Consider pointing a security camera at your garage doors. Think about the actual cameras and the areas you want them to cover. A wide angle camera, for example, will cover multiple points, and thus reduce the need for additional cameras. However, wide angle cameras will also make everything look smaller and record less detail.

Do you need a camera on your front door?

You really do need a camera monitoring your front door. Around 34% of all burglars enter homes through the front of the building. Despite this fact, most people new to home security tend to place the main camera on the eaves of their roofs. Others stick them on the second story in the case of two-story structures.

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