Where To Buy Landscape Rocks In Virginia?

Decorative Gravel River Jack Contractor in Fairfax, VA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is River rock expensive?

Decorative rock prices are $45 to $130 per ton on average. Large landscaping rocks cost $100 to $350 per ton. Mexican beach pebbles cost $475 to $800 per ton....Landscaping river rock and stone prices.

Rock typeAverage price
River rocks $45 – $130 per ton $50 – $160 per yard $15 – $35 per bag

8 more rows

Where can I get Gravel and stone in Virginia?

Gravel & Stone Delivered to Maryland and Northern Virginia. Saunders Landscape Supply offers landscaping stone and gravel delivery in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Where to buy decorative stone in Hampton Roads?

We’re proud to offer Hampton Roads’ best selection of Decorative Stone for your building project! Conveniently located in Hampton just minutes from Newport News, Norfolk, Suffolk, Williamsburg and more…

Where can I buy natural stone for my home?

The Stone Center is now offering an extensive selection of natural stone products. Please choose a location above to find out how your next project can take advantage of the timeless appeal of natural stone.

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