Where To Bid On Landscaping Jobs App?


GreenPal is like Uber for lawn service. Homeowners can list their lawn on the app at no charge by entering their address. Minutes later, vetted lawn care companies bid for the job. The users can then check ratings, read reviews and select the vendor they want.

How to Bid Commercial Lawn Mowing, Lawn care, and Lawn Maintenance

HOW To Bid A COMMERCIAL Client! Breaking Down The Numbers!

How to bid LANDSCAPING jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app for landscapers?

One of the top apps to assist you with your plant landscaping in your garden is Landscaper's Companion. It is a comprehensive database of information on more than 26,000 plants and 21,000 photos.

How do I find a landscape job?

8 Ideas on How to Get Landscaping Customers

  1. Build a landscaping referral program. ...
  2. Invest in time-saving, damage-reducing equipment. ...
  3. Leverage Facebook and Instagram advertising. ...
  4. Brand your stuff. ...
  5. Don't be afraid to go old-school. ...
  6. Get involved in your community. ...
  7. Use your landscaping website for lead generation.

Where can I find a landscaping bid template?

A request bid has been submitted by the Department of Water Supply for carrying out mowing and landscaping of a number of locations which includes plants, towers, reservoirs, etc., which will give a fair idea to the companies in similar business an idea as to how such projects can be executed.

Where can I find a construction bidding site?

Construction Bid Source has projects located in the United States which can be filtered based on state. Their website allows for pre-bids and provides all project details to make sure the subcontractor is bidding on what would work for them and/or their company. Subcontractors can also search by project type and dates it was published.

Which is the best software for landscaping estimating and takeoff?

Stop using yesterday’s tools to bid tomorrow’s projects and start leveraging easy-to-use, cloud-based landscaping estimating and takeoff software that’s completely customizable to your business. Whether you’re working on simple or complex landscaping jobs, STACK can help speed up your bid process!

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