Where Is The Fear Landscape Room Located?


The Fear Landscape is located just beyond the glass building that is above the pit. It’s a huge dank space with graffitied walls and exposed pipes.

Divergent Clip #2- Tris’s fear landscape

Divergent aptitude test scene hd


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is dauntless located?

We know that the train runs through the south side of Chicago because this is where Dauntless is located. The Chicago train system also happens to run very, very close to U.S. Cellular Field, which is what we marked as the headquarters of Dauntless.

What is the purpose of the fear landscape?

The purpose of the fear landscape is to know your fears and help you overcome them physically and mentally. 4. Tris doesn't treat Al very well, given the circumstances. She yells at them and tells him if he ever goes near her that she will kill him.

What do they inject into Tris after her fear landscape?

After the fear landscape exercise, Eric injects Tris with a serum he says will allow her to be tracked should she leave the compound. This injection has been administered to all Dauntless members, and Eric claims that it is just a precautionary measure.

What embarrassing fear is revealed in Tris landscape?

What embarrassing fear is revealed in Tris' landscape? She is afraid of intimacy with Four. How does Tris escape her last scenario in which she is being forced to kill her family?

Where do you go in Cry of fear?

When the game begins, you awake in a bedroom of some sort. You can see out the door into a pitch black room, that has some white 'x's in it. Step outside. When you take a picture of an x, (Left Click) it disappears and it is replaced with either a door, window, or some other form of opening for you to go through.

Where do you find Mace in Cry of fear?

Mace: The second boss you encounter during Cry of Fear. It is found in the sewers at the end of Chapter 2. This boss fight is moderately difficult, as you are confined to a small room when with it. The Mace is considerably slow, both in movement speed and swinging speed, which can be utilized to kill him.

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