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Frequently Asked Questions

What are landscape pins?

These landscape pins are the gardening accessory needed for every landscaping project. Not only are they extremely heavy-duty, but they can also be used for different projects around your yard such as holding securing landscape fabric, nettings, plant protection blankets, fencing, tarps, or tents.

How far apart are landscaping staples?

You should use a staple every 8 to 12 inches along all edges of the fabric and any seams where separate sections meet.

How do you use landscape pins?

Insert a landscape pin every 8 to 10 inches along the edges of the fabric and every 12 inches apart in the center of the fabric. Don't skimp on pins or fabric could come loose in a month or two. Cut round holes for inserting landscape plants, using a very sharp utility knife.

How do you keep landscape fabric down?

  1. Use garden stakes, also known as garden staples or stakes, to stake and secure the landscape fabric into the ground at every 1-3-inches, depending on how big your yard is.
  2. Tip: Use a hammer and thicker stakes for denser gardens.

Where do I pick up staples at Lowes?

To shop our entire collection of staples and staple guns, visit Lowes.com and choose your favorites. Select curbside pickup in the checkout process and park in one of our designated spots when you arrive.

What are staples used for in a garden?

What are sod staples used for? Sod or landscape staples are great for securing landscape fabric or astroturf to soil and building weed barriers. What are landscape staples? What are garden staples? Landscape or garden staples are steel pins used to hold down landscape fabric, pipes, fake grass, or anything that needs to be secured to soil.

Which is better sandbaggy staples or Home Depot Staples?

Sandbaggy staples are thicker, longer, and stronger than those sold at Home Depot and Lowes, so they don't bend as easily during installation and secure fabrics better. How do I calculate the number of staples and rolls of landscape fabric I need?

What kind of staples do you use for garden sod?

The staple best for your needs will vary based on your intended application. Length: Longer staples ( 9", 12") hold better in soft, loose soil. Shorter staples will get the job done just fine in hard, dry soil. Gauge: The lower the gauge number, the thicker and stronger the metal.

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