When Is Exterior Latex Paint Dry Enough To Attach Fixtures?


Give it at least 24 hours to be safe. The best way to minimize adhesion is to just let it dry. If you need to get the covers on sooner (say you have children crawling around) then just loosely tighten the screws, then go back after 24 hours and fully tighten the wall plates.


The short answer is that latex paint is typically dry to the touch in about an hour. However, you should wrap up any exterior painting projects four to six hours before the rain rolls in. Whether the project is a small one in the garden or the entire exterior of the house, painting outside leaves you, and your paint, exposed to the elements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should latex paint dry before I place things on it?

After you've spent time and elbow grease on a great project, it's tough to remain patient and let the paint dry fully before putting the item to use. Oil-based paint - dry to the touch in 6–8 hours and ready to recoat in 24 hours. Latex paint - dry to the touch in about 1 hour, and you can safely recoat in 4 hours.

How long should paint dry before installing hardware?

Let that dry for 48 hours before installing the hardware and putting the doors back up. This is a great time to give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint, too.

How long does it take latex outdoor paint to dry?

Although times vary based on conditions, most latex paints are dry within one to three hours. A second or third coat can typically be applied within three to five hours. Because latex paint dries on the outside first, it takes at least 14 days for it to cure.

What should the drying time be for latex paint?

Speed of Dry: If a latex coating is forced to dry very quickly, it can be dry before film formation is complete, resulting in a compromise of long term durability. When applying an exterior paint, avoid having more than two to three of these conditions simultaneously, which accelerate drying time:

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