When Did The Office Landscape Come Back?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the office landscape in the 1950s?

Office landscape (German: Bürolandschaft/Großraumbüro) was an early (1950s) movement in open plan office space planning.

Where did the idea of the office come from?

Many people might think of office-bound life as a modern phenomenon, but there's a long history of people chained to their desks, explains Lucy Kellaway. In medieval London the old St Paul's Cathedral used to dwarf everything around it. Now it is dwarfed - by offices.

How did Henry Ford invent the office landscape?

Such designs were rooted in the work of industrial engineers or efficiency experts such as Frederick Winslow Taylor and Henry Ford. In the 1950s a German team named Quickborner developed the office landscape, which used conventional furniture, curved screens, large potted plants, and organic geometry to create work groups on large, open floors.

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