What Wire To Use For Exterior House Lights?


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Frequently Asked Questions

What cable should I use for outdoor lighting?

Once outdoors, you should supply your lights via 1.5mm² three core steel-wire-armoured cable (SWA). Make sure that you only fit weatherproof lights that are suitable for outdoor use and that your circuit is RCD-protected.

What type of wire is used for light fixtures?

General Purpose Cords

14 - Wire12 - Wire8 - Wire
Recommended For Recommended For Recommended For
Common residential wiring: Light fixtures, household receptacles. Common residential wiring: Light fixtures, household receptacles, small appliances. Large household appliances: Electric ranges, central air conditioning.

What kind of wire does a light fixture use?

There are various types of wires, such as outdoor wires, weatherproof wires, cable wires, to name a few. Light fixture wires generally are standard copper wiring since they are mostly installed indoors.

What kind of breaker do you need for lights in a house?

When wiring a house, it's always a good idea to put lights and outlets on separate circuits, which guarantees that if the outlet circuit fails, you still have light. As long as you don't put too many lights on the light circuit, you can usually control that circuit with a 15-amp breaker, as well as wire it with a 14-gauge wire.

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