What Type Of Wood Is Best For Exterior House Trim?


Redwood. Redwood is a great wood trim. Its natural weather-resistant qualities make it perfect for any exterior trim work. It’s strong, straight, and has an ambient quality that adds character and value to your home.


Softwoods are usually favored for exterior wood trim, with Cyprus and redwood being popular choices. Hardwoods are typically more prone to slipping out of place and do not take finishes nearly as well as softwoods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wood should I use to build my house?

Most spec home builders I've seen use pine and it only takes a few years to rot, peel, and really look bad. The U.S. Forest Products Laboratory, U.S. Department of Agriculture lists pines (other than long-leaf, slash, and eastern white) and true firs among the lowest resistance category, "slightly or non-resistant".

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