What Trades Are On A Landscaping Remodel?

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Satisfying Videos of Workers Doing Their Job Perfectly

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are construction trades?

Construction trade is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of hands-on, service-based jobs. These jobs include plumber, electrician, painter, roofer, as well as carpenter. There are many other job titles included in the construction trades, and they all share one thing in common: hands-on work.

Is it a good trade to be a landscape architect?

Landscape Architect isn't really a trade. Last time I checked you cant sit a 4 year trade certificate for landscaping. Some of the bigger companies employ labourers who install plants etc and hire trades to carry out the hard-scape works. Walls, Paving, Concrete, etc etc It can be a hard business to carve a living out of. hubris nemesis writes...

What kind of trades are used in construction?

Electricians may be employed in the construction of new buildings or maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure, they can also install A/C and Telecommunications systems. Elevator mechanic installs vertical lift and transporting equipment. Fencer, a tradesperson who builds fences. Glazier, installs glass.

What kind of trades do carpenters work in?

Carpenters unions usually include drywall installer, lather (wire mesh molding), flooring installer, pile driver, millwright (machinery installer), diver, and diver tender. Carpet layer and linoleum flooring, one who specializes in laying carpet and linoleum floor covering.

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