What To Use On The Ground For Landscaping?


Landscape fabric is a perforated material that allows water and moisture to reach your soil. The best landscape fabric can be used under rock and gravel landscaping and yard design. Landscape fabric is the most economical and sustainable option to keep weeds away.


When it comes to choosing a ground cover for your backyard, you have many options, ranging from synthetic material, such as landscape fabric and recycled rubber strips, to natural organic mulch and natural inorganic mulch. In the inorganic category, you’ll find rock-based ground covers like gravel, volcanic rock and crushed stones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put down for landscaping?

These are the tools and materials you'll need to install weed barrier fabric in your garden bed:

  • Tape measure.
  • Garden hoe.
  • Bow rake.
  • Utility knife or scissors.
  • Rubber mallet or hammer.
  • Landscape staples.
  • Plants.
  • Mulch.

What is the best ground cover for dirt?

Sun-loving ground covers, such as creeping thyme (Thymus praecox) and candytuft (Iberis spp), which grow in USDA zones 5 through 9, and shade-loving plants such as mini Kenilworth ivy (Cymbalaria aequitriloba) and blue star creeper (Isotoma fluviatilis), which grows in USDA zones 6 through 9, can fill every part of ...

Can you use cardboard instead of landscape fabric?

A BIODEGRADABLE ALTERNATIVE: A free, biodegradable alternative to landscape fabric is to use simple old cardboard. The idea is derived from the concept of sheet mulching. In permaculture, sheet mulching can be done to reclaim an area of land that might have been weedy or even covered with grass.

What kind of rock to use for landscape?

1. Decomposed Granite Decomposed granite is usually reddish-tan and sandy and provides landscapes with a soft, rustic look. This affordable option is often used around trees, garden trails and as a xeriscape ground cover. 2. Pea Gravel Pea gravel is – you guessed it – the size of a pea, usually 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch in size.

Which is the best ground cover for landscape?

14 Best Low-Maintenance Ground Covers for the Landscape 1 Basket-of-Gold. 2 Amethyst in Snow. 3 Creeping Phlox. 4 Angelina Sedum. 5 Faassen's Catmint. 6 Creeping Thyme. 7 Germander. 8 Creeping Juniper. 9 Rock Cotoneaster. 10 Bunchberry.

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