What To Install On Exterior Walls Before Instal Brick?


For some types of exterior stone veneer and for rustic veneers, a metal lath may be necessary to adhere the brick properly to the wall. The lath can be screwed or attached directly to the surface you are installing on then covered by a thin coat of mortar. Then key or scratch the mortar to create a textured surface to better grasp the brick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What goes behind brick on a house?

Behind the brick veneer is a wood frame wall which is actually holding up the house. The brick veneer is, in effect, siding! Brick veneer became the norm when building codes began to require insulation in the exterior walls. One of the best insulators is air.

What do you need to install brick?


  1. brick chisel.
  2. brush.
  3. mask.
  4. two mason blocks.
  5. hammer.
  6. pencil.
  7. spade trowel.
  8. gloves.

Can you put brick on plywood?

If you wish to install your thin brick veneers on a wall that is constructed from plywood, a water-resistant surface must be placed over the original framework to prevent moisture build-up and mold from rotting out the walls. This is the case when you do want to install the cement backer boards over the wooden surface.

How do I protect my exterior brick wall?

Apply a sealer to your exterior brick for protection against water damage and minimize moss growth. Clean the brick and allow it to dry completely. Apply a top-quality sealer using a pump sprayer and a paint roller. This simple DIY project could save you a substantial amount of cash on repairs later.

What's the best way to put bricks on a wall?

Before you start putting the bricks onto your wall, we recommend using a pencil, a yardstick, and a level to sketch horizontal lines onto the wall as a guide for where you should be placing the bricks. This will make the next few steps much easier and ensure that you’re placing the bricks straight across and evenly.

Can a brick slip be installed on a brick wall?

Brick walls are constructed using a conventional sand and cement mortar. Please note that this is not recommended for installing brick slips. The bond strength of the mortar will not be enough to ensure safe installation.

Can a window be installed on a brick wall?

Lastly, when installation of window in brick masonry wall is considered, adherence to local code authority, like CPWD Specification, and manufacturer’s installation guidelines is necessary for a watertight and approved installation.

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