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Frequently Asked Questions

What are exposed rafters called?

Rafter tailsWe call them Rafter tails because they are the tail end or exposed end of a rafter. A rafter tail is also called, depending on where it is used on a home, as an Outlooker, Outrigger, Lookout, or Tailpiece.

How do you decorate exposed rafters?

Give exposed ceiling beams a contemporary style by painting them the same color as the ceiling. The ceiling will still have a textured, three-dimensional look with a more subtle effect. For a hint of contrast, use a darker shade or a lighter tint of the same color, such as white and cream.

How do you protect exposed rafters?

Best you can do is:

  1. sand them to bare wood.
  2. drill and insert boron rods maybe 1" down from the top surface.
  3. plug the boron rod holes with epoxy and sand again.
  4. soak the end grain with a borate solution.
  5. soak the heck out of the entire exposed surface in an epoxy solution (I like CPES for this)
  6. restain with solid body stain.

What is an exposed eave?

Types of eaves Exposed: The finished underside of the roof and supporting rafters are visible from underneath. ... Boxed-in: Encases the roof rafters but meets the side of the building at the same angle as the roof pitch. Abbreviated: Cut off almost perpendicular with the side of the building.

How to build a house with exposed rafters?

Take inspiration from these modern farmhouses that are simple, bright, and beautiful, without feeling frumpy. Pre-fabricated timber roof trusses and light steel truss systems for the residential and commercial market. Loading... Search local property management companies for your rental unit.

How are rafters used in the construction of a roof?

The rafters are used as part of roof construction and generally laid in series, side by side providing a base to support roof decks, roof coverings, etc. Rafters are made of timber or steel and can be concealed within the roof structure and to fix the roof covering, they may have battens laid on top and perpendicular to them.

Where do you put the rafters in a shed?

On both sides of all the rafters install the gussets and by standing it up and lining it up with the edges of the shed floor test the rafter assembly. A common rafter is found in all conventionally framed roofs and run from an exterior wall all the way up to the ridge board and used to set the center the ridge board in the span and height.

Where are the rafters on a valley roof?

This sits on the outside walls and with the common rafters run-up to the hip rafter in line. Valley rafter is placed at inside corners to the ridge and also at a 45-degree angle and at the lowest point of a valley roof this rafter is found.

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