What State Has The Most Desert Landscape?


The Great Basin Desert covers an area of around 190,000 square miles, making it the largest of the major US deserts.


Much of the desert is at high altitudes of 3,000 to 6,000 feet or more. The Great Basin Desert is located between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Rocky Mountains. It is mostly in the state of Nevada, but also parts of California, Idaho, Utah, and Oregon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What state has a lot of deserts?

California (the High Desert); and parts of western Arizona, southern Nevada, and a small portion of Utah.

Which state has the largest area covered in desert?

The Great Basin Desert is the largest desert area of North America. It is also the most northerly, covering most of Nevada (Ne), the western third of Utah (U) and parts of Idaho (Id) and Oregon (Or).

What is the most beautiful desert in the United States?

The 10 Most Photogenic Deserts In The United States

  • 8 Big Bend National Park, Texas. ...
  • 7 Great Basin National Park, Nevada. ...
  • 6 Antelope Valley, California. ...
  • 5 Moab, Utah. ...
  • 4 Palm Springs, California. ...
  • 3 Taos, New Mexico. ...
  • 2 Tucson, Arizona. ...
  • 1 Bend, Oregon.

What states have desert climate?

The most arid climate in the United States is found in the Southwest. This area comprises southern inland California, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Nevada and Texas. Sections of neighboring states are also included.

Which is the most famous desert in the United States?

1 Great Basin Desert. The Great Basin desert. 2 Chihuahuan Desert. The Chihuahuan desert. 3 Sonoran Desert. The beautiful Sonoran Desert. 4 Mojave Desert. The landscape of the Mojave Desert.

Which is the most desolate desert in the world?

Desert Landscapes are basically the most desolate and dry regions in the world. But most interestingly, these amazing desert destinations cover almost one-third of the world’s land surface. From magnificent sand dune fields and vast expanses of sun-reflecting salt to gargantuan rock formations.

How tall is the highest desert in the world?

Its highest point is measured at 12,139 feet above sea level, while its lowest point is at 1,969 feet above sea level. Although an arid desert, it is home to several plant and animal species, including: prickly pear cactus, agave, creosote bush, and yucca.

How big is the Mojave Desert in square miles?

Mojave Desert The landscape of the Mojave Desert. The Mojave Desert stretches across Nevada, Arizona, and California, covering 47,877 square miles. It receives under 2 inches of precipitation every year, which makes this desert the driest in North America. The hottest temperature recorded here is 134° fahrenheit.

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