What’S The Smallest Grout Line For A Bathroom Shower?


Grout lines need to be at least 1/16” for the grout to even fit, and often larger than that depending on a variety of other factors. For some grouts, like sanded cement grout, 1/8” is the minimum line size.


For best results and a balanced look, base your grout line for your shower floor on the tile you plan to use. For instance, tiles up to 8-by-8 inches square — small-format tile — require grout lines that are 1/32 inch up to 1/8 inch. Regular-format tiles (up to 16-by-16 inches square) call for grout lines 1/8 inch wide for floors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size grout line should I use in a shower?

Grout and Tile Size Large-format tiles, 18-by-18 inches wide, require a smaller grout line (1/32 inch). In general, don't create grout lines larger than 3/16 inch, though slate and quarry tiles can work with as much as a 1/4-inch grout line.

What is the thinnest grout line for tile?

First, the smallest grout lines, less than 1/8 inch, are ideal for rectified tiles. Rectified tiles are perfectly uniform, with precisely defined edges, requiring the least amount of grout.

What is the thinnest grout?

Closest grout joints should not be less than 1/16″. This is an acceptable space that can be properly grouted. When the space between tiles is so little like 1/32″ which is often referred to as “credit card lines” or “penny lines”, it's not possible to fill that space all the way through the bottom of the tile.

Are smaller grout lines better?

Again, when it comes to size you should keep in mind that the tighter the grout joint, the more variation from tile to tile will show, which can cause an installation to look sloppy. This is why your tile installer may suggest a larger grout line for a straighter, more professional looking installation.

What's the minimum grout line between bathroom tiles?

The quick answer is nothing closer than 1/16. If you want to know why please keep reading. When re-modeling floors, bathroom or a kitchen almost everybody wants to have the minimum grout lines between their tiles. Some even want to install their tiles with no grout at all.

What kind of grout to use on shower floor?

Sanded grout works best with grout lines that are 1/8 inch wide and larger. Epoxy grout — the top of the line — can be used for any size tile, as it uses an activator in a three-step process before application.

What's the best way to grout subway tile?

Let your thin-set completely dry for 24 hours, then mix your grout according to the directions on the packaging. Using a diagonal motion, hold a rubber float at a 45-degree angle and spread the grout over your tiles. As you float your tiles, wipe off excess grout with a damp sponge, using the same diagonal motion.

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