What Makes A Winning Landscape Design?


In the end, a great landscape architect is an engineer, visionary, communicator, designer and ecologist. He is able to connect with his environment and determines, with the help of science and design, innovative ways of creating functional and practical spaces that inspire.


Light makes colors and textures come alive in landscape design. One good landscape design idea: Place trees and shrubs with colored foliage along an east-west line so they can benefit from the back lighting of a rising or setting sun.

Award-winning garden and landscape designer visits Procter Cast Stone

landscape designer shows us the elements of award winning landscapes

3 Principles YOU NEED TO FOLLOW To Create A GREAT Landscape Design

Frequently Asked Questions

How to achieve balance in your landscape design?

Balance in landscape design creates a feeling of calm. The easiest (or boringest, depending on your personality) way to achieve balance is to divide the scene down the middle and create mirror images on either side. This traditional home exhibits formal balance.

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