What Jobs Do Landscapers Get During The Winter?


One of the most profitable winter jobs for landscapers is putting your design skills to the test and installing Christmas lights. Keep the project work coming with Christmas displays, which between materials and labor hours, could net you over $1,000 for each installation, depending on the size of the display and the property.

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My Canadian winter job in landscaping company

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with your yard in winter?

Winter is ideal for spending more time on the non-growing aspects of your clients’ outdoor spaces. You can build borders and arbors in a large garage space and transport them to your clients’ yards. Plan to do your repairs on fences and walkways during the winter when the grass and flowers don’t need constant attention.

How much does a landscaper get paid per hour?

Many of these still think it’s acceptable to pay a measly £5.00 an hour, and ‘anyone can do gardening’ an attitude we’re forced to confront. The business challenges are relentless – even more so during the winter – so with that in mind here’s some tips for surviving the season intact.

What to do in the depths of winter?

In the depths of winter it can be hard to complete as little as five hours of work safely, so you’ll need to adapt in some way to cope with this loss of hours. Perhaps bring in an extra pair of hands for the winter or look to diversify your business.

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