What Is Weed Block Landscape Fabric?


WeedBlock Landscape Fabric not only deters weeds, it encourages root growth by keeping soil moist and cool. Made of UV-treated polyethylene, WeedBlock features patented "Microfunnels" that allow the free flow of air, water and nutrients to soil while blocking sunlight – and weeds!


Landscape fabric is a type of material made from tightly woven plastic fibers with perforated holes. This product is often sold as a solid sheet. Generally, landscape fabric is used to eliminate weeds and promote plant growth without using chemicals. It kills weeds by blocking out the sunlight weeds need to grow.

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DeWitt Weed Barrier

Weed Barrier Installation and Landscaping

Frequently Asked Questions

What is weed block fabric made of?

This fabric is made from linen or polypropylene and has tiny holes within the fabric allowing nutrients and water to enter the soil. This is the perfect fabric for garden beds, trees and shrubs.

Does weed block really work?

Weed barrier clothes are not a great option for gardens, or any area that you would like to grow plants, as the barrier will prevent proper bio-activity in the soil, making the soil unsuitable for plants. ... If the barrier is letting enough water though, the chances are good that it is also allowing weed growth.

How do you use a fabric weed blocker?

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