What Is The Workers Compensation Sic Code For Landscaping Managers?

What are workers compensation class codes? | Class Codes

What are workers compensation class codes?

Workers Compensation – Know THIS BEFORE buying Workers Compensation Insurance!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is work comp code 8742?

Classification 8742, Salespersons - outside, applies to employees who spend 100% of their work time in the field, calling customers, and performing activities to promote their employer's business.

What does class code mean?

A class code is a three or four digit numerical code assigned by NCCI or a State Rating Bureau such as California's WCIRB. Class codes are assigned to differentiate between the various job duties or scope of work performed by employees.

What does carpentry NOC stand for?

Carpentry – NOC – All Operations to Completion.

What does NOC mean in workers compensation?

not otherwise classifiedYou might also see the acronym "NOC" at the end of a classification code. It stands for "not otherwise classified" and means you were given a general code for the position, not a specific one.

What is the workers comp code for landscaping?

Brookhurst Insurance provides you with target workers’ compensation insurance coverage for landscaping class code 0042 and 9102 to help protect your lawn care and landscaping business.

What is the SIC code for lawn and garden services?

Establishments primarily engaged in performing a variety of lawn and garden services. SIC Code 0782 - Lawn and Garden Services is a final level code of the “ Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing ” Division. There are 61,043 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 637,206 people.

What are the class codes for workers compensation in SC?

Class Codes State Class Code Description SC 0005 Farm--Nursery Employees & Drivers SC 0008 Farm--Vegetable & Drivers SC 0016 Farm--Orchard or Grove & Drivers SC 0034 Farm--Poultry or Egg Producer & Drivers 21 more rows ...

What does class code 0042 stand for in landscaping?

Class code 0042. This class code applies to employees primarily engaged landscaping activities that include planning, clearing, laying sod, seeding, grading, and planting.

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