What Is The Sum Of A Heptagon Exterior Angles?


The sum of exterior angles of a heptagon is 360 degrees. For regular heptagon, the measure of the interior angle is about 128.57 degrees.


A heptagon has seven interior angles that sum to 900° 900 ° and seven exterior angles that sum to 360° 360 °. This is true for both regular and irregular heptagons. In a regular heptagon, each interior angle is roughly 128.57° 128.57 °.

Exterior Angles of a Polygon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the measure of one exterior angle on a heptagon?

51.43∘51.43∘ is the measure of each exterior angle in a regular heptagon.

What is the sum of 4 exterior angles?

If a polygon is convex, then the sum of the measures of the exterior angles, one at each vertex, is 360° .

What is the sum of 3 exterior angles?

360°One can also consider the sum of all three exterior angles, that equals to 360° in the Euclidean case (as for any convex polygon), is less than 360° in the spherical case, and is greater than 360° in the hyperbolic case.

How to find sum of interior angles for a heptagon?

The interior angle of a polygon is the angle between two sides of the polygon. For a regular polygon, the interior angles are congruent (equal). The sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon is given by the formula: 180(n - 2) degrees, where n is the number of sides of the polygon. #geometry #polygons.

What are the properties of a regular heptagon?

A heptagon shape can be regular, irregular, concave, or convex. Here are some additional properties of the heptagon shape: All heptagons have interior angles that sum to 900 ° All heptagons have exterior angles that sum to 360 ° All heptagons can be divided into five triangles; All heptagons have 14 diagonals (line segments connecting vertices)

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