What Is The Las Vegas Casino Landscape Workers Unions?


The roughly 57,000 members of the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 (CWU)—the state’s biggest union, representing employees at most of the casinos on the Vegas Strip and downtown—receive retraining and prescription drugs as benefits, along with comprehensive health care, pensions and supplemental insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Las Vegas casino workers unions?

However, most Nevada casino workers do have contracts through their union. ... MGM must offer extra and part-time work to laid off union workers in their job classification by seniority.

Are casino employees unionized?

100,000 Workers Strong. UNITE HERE is the largest union of gaming workers in the world. We represent 100,000 casino workers across the United States and Canada. ... UNITE HERE partners nationally with the Teamsters and International Union of Operating Engineers to coordinate organizing and bargaining in the gaming industry ...

What union do hotel workers belong to?

Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees UnionThe Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union (HERE) was a United States labor union representing workers of the hospitality industry, formed in 1891....Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union.

Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union
Headquarters Washington, DC
Location Canada, United States

Are Las Vegas hotels unionized?

Thirty years later, 95 percent of Las Vegas hotel/casinos are unionized. As for the remaining 5 percent: Leain Vashon: The only reason some hotels pay the same thing is to try to prevent them from becoming union.

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