What Is The Landscape Like In Nova Scotia?


Nova Scotia is characterized by a variety of landscapes: rolling hills, fertile valleys, forests, rivers and lakes, cliffs and beaches. The province’s landscape and climate are often compared to Scotland’s.


Nova Scotia is a mix of Urban-Rural landscapes. Halifax is the largest and capital city of Nova Scotia with over 400,000 people. The rich culture and lifestyle in Nova Scotia are second to none, ranging from the coastal cliffs and sandy beaches to the culture and energy of city life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the landform region of Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia is part of the Appalachian region, one of Canada seven physiographic regions. The province is primarily a peninsula extending from the country's mainland. At its northeastern end is Cape Breton Island....Geography of Nova Scotia.

Published OnlineMarch 30, 2021
Last Edited March 30, 2021

Is Nova Scotia mountainous?

Nova Scotia contains mostly low elevation mountain ranges and hills, all of which are tucked within the expansive Appalachian Mountains. ... White Hill is located within the Cape Breton Highlands, one of Nova Scotia's most cherished landscapes.

Is Nova Scotia surrounded by water?

Nova Scotia is surrounded by four major bodies of water - the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the Bay of Fundy, the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean.

How would you describe Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia is Canada's second-smallest province in area, after Prince Edward Island. The province's mainland is the Nova Scotia peninsula, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and including numerous bays and estuaries. Nowhere in Nova Scotia is more than 67 km (42 mi) from the ocean.

What are the natural features of Nova Scotia?

(Province of Nova Scotia, 2013) The two prominent types of depositional features that can be found in Halifax today are drumlins and till plains. (Province of Nova Scotia, 2013) These features are a product of glaciation. Let's explore events that have contributed to Halifax's natural landscape today.

What's the weather like in Nova Scotia, Canada?

What we love about Nova Scotia is that the weather here certainly ticks all our requirements. We have four true seasons, with snowy winters, warm, sunny summers and a mild autumn and spring. In fact, our province of Nova Scotia is actually on the same latitude as Northern Italy and is the warmest Canadian province.

What are the best things to do in Nova Scotia?

Because of the nature that encompasses the province, there is always a huge selection of activities to take part in; for example, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, paddle boarding, and other water sports can be found more or less everywhere.

What are the pros and cons of living in Nova Scotia?

It is clear that there are plenty of pros to take on board, but like with all places, there are a few cons you will need to consider also; Unfortunately, one of the most common complaints from people living in the province is that it can be really tough to get a stable job.

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