What Is Sustainable Landscape Management?


Sustainable landscape management practices make use of reusable or renewable resources in the field of landscape maintenance. One of the most popular sustainable landscape management practices is the use of “gray water” systems, which recycle non-potable water from sinks, tubs, showers, dishwashers and washing machines into landscaping …


Your Yard is a Park: Sustainable Landscape Management

Sustainable Landscaping

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustainable landscape maintenance?

Sustainable landscape management utilizes practices that minimize or reuse valuable resources to reduce the negative environmental impact of landscaping and maintenance.

What does landscape management mean?

: the care and maintenance of landscape or ornamental plantings.

How can we sustainably landscape?


  1. Have a landscape. ...
  2. Grow Plants in Pots. ...
  3. Recycle/Compost. ...
  4. Conserve water. ...
  5. Protect runoff water from plant debris and fertilizer nutrients. ...
  6. Encourage the use of reclaimed water. ...
  7. Use fertilizers and pest control products carefully. ...
  8. Replace plants that are chronic problems.

What is the purpose of sustainable land management?

Sustainable land management is the use of land to meet changing human needs (agriculture, forestry, conservation), while ensuring long-term socioeconomic and ecological functions of the land.

How does a sustainable landscaping system save money?

Compost, fertilization, integrated pest management, using the right plant in the right place, appropriate use of turf and xeriscaping (water-wise gardening) are all components of sustainable landscaping. Sustainability can help urban commercial landscaping companies save money.

Who are the authors of the sustainable landscape approach?

Simon Badcock, Patti Dunne, Joanna Durbin, Janet Edmond, Fabiano Godoy, Daniel Juhn, Anurag Ramachandra and Janice-Renee Yoshioka ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Mahbub Alam, Ginny Farmer, Ana Gloria Guzman, Trond Larsen, Monica Morales, Allison Myers, Rosimeiry Portela,

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