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Frequently Asked Questions

What characteristics make up an ethnic neighborhood?

(1997, p. 892) operationalized an ethnic neighborhood as “a set of contiguous tracts, which must contain at least one tract where a group is repre- sented as 40% or more of the residents and whose other tracts each have a level of ethnic concentration among residents of at least 35%.”

What is an ethnic neighborhood best described as?

An ethnic neighborhood is best described as which of the following? A voluntary urban community where people of similar origin reside.

What is an ethnic island?

ethnic islands. small, usually rural and ethnically homogeneous enclaves situated within a larger and more diverse cultural context.

Why did well defined ethnic communities develop in American cities?

The recreation of the remembered homeland by incoming immigrants, often from a single village or province, provides a secure environment to which to return after a daily bath in the outside culture. ... In such environments, ethnic neighborhoods became more than cultural and economic oases.

What are the characteristics of a cultural landscape?

Landscape Characteristics. If the characteristics and features of a cultural landscape are historically significant and have integrity, they can contribute to the historic character of the property. Landscape characteristics are evidence of historic processes or patterns.

How many cultural landscapes are in a National Park?

The majority of national park units (417 in 2017) contain cultural landscapes, and there are more than 800 throughout the system. An entire park may be a single cultural landscape, such as Big Hole National Battlefield. Some parks, like the Blue Ridge Parkway, contain many cultural landscapes.

Why are cultural landscapes on the World Heritage List?

To reveal and sustain the great diversity of the interactions between humans and their environment, to protect living traditional cultures and preserve the traces of those which have disappeared, these sites, called cultural landscapes, have been inscribed on the World Heritage List.

Which is the best way to identify ethnicity?

However, indicators of ethnicity lie on a spectrum given every individual’s complex ancestry. As this is an introductory course, to indicate the kind of morphological features a Forensic Anthropologist would look for these characteristics have been limited to those that are easily visually discernible and at the polar ends of the spectrum.

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