What Is Navigation Bar Height In Landscape Iphone?


In iOS 12, iPad tab bars have also changed height from 49 to 50 points tall. … On iPhone tab bars remain 49 points tall in portrait and 32 points tall in landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the height of navigation bar iPhone?

Common Design Elements

DeviceStatus Bar HeightNavigation Bar Height
iPhone 3.5-inch iPhone 4, iPhone 4S 40 px 88 / 64 px
iPad Retina iPad 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Air 1, Air 2, Air 3, Pro, Mini 2, 3, 4, 5 40 px 88 px
iPad Mini (Legacy) 20 px 44 px
iPad (Legacy) 1st and 2nd Generation 20 px 44 px

What is the height of the navigation bar?

Personally I feel most comfortable using a navbar height of 64px. It gives you enough space to place a legible logo, and you can use text in combination with symbols.

How do I change the height of my navigation bar?

To quickly change spacing inside your navbar, add a padding class to your


  1. To slightly increase navbar height: add py-3 class to it.
  2. To increase its height a bit more: add py-5 class to your navbar.
  3. To decrease navbar height: add py-0 class to your navbar.

How do I change the navigation bar on my iPhone?

The levels of customization include varying bar styles and applying custom left and right buttons known as UIBarButtonItem .

  1. Change the Bar Style. ...
  2. Customize the Right View. ...
  3. Customize the Title View. ...
  4. Modify the Navigation Prompt. ...
  5. Customize the Navigation Bar Appearance. ...
  6. Customize the Back Button with an Image.

How tall is the navigation bar on iPhone X?

Navigation bar height as normal 88 and large title time 140. Standard title - 44pt (88pt with Status Bar) Large title - 140pt. bottom bar - 34pt.

How to find the height of the navigation bar?

You can programmatically obtain the navigation bar's height by using safeAreaInsets on the view in the contained view controller: This will account for whether it's a large title navigation bar or not, and whether or not there's a search bar attached to it. See the safeAreaInsets documentation for more information.

How does the navigation bar work on iOS 11?

With the release of iOS 11, Apple introduced a new navigation bar style: when the app content is at scroll position zero (at the top), the title is moved into a separate line underneath the original navigation bar area and is massively enlarged.

Why do I have a large title bar on my iPhone?

Phone uses this approach, while Music uses large titles to differentiate content areas like albums, artists, playlists, and radio. In iOS 13 and later, a large title navigation bar doesn’t include a background material or shadow by default. Also, a large title transitions to a standard title as people begin scrolling the content.

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