What Is Meant By Landscape Gardening?


Landscaping can be defined as the addition of plants, manipulation of terrain and the construction of structures. There are many different styles of landscaping to choose from. Photo by Ray Kachatorian. Landscapes can be purely aesthetic or serve a function such as outdoor cooking. Landscaping Defined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you understand by landscape gardening?

the profession or activity of making a garden or area of land more attractive by adding trees, plants, and other special features. Someone who does this is called a landscape gardener.

What is the importance of landscape gardening?

Landscaping provides an opportunity to preserve and protect the environment. Planting native flora, avoiding chemicals, and addressing environmental problems keep green spaces healthy and thriving.

What's another word for landscape gardening?

What is another word for landscape gardener?

landscape architectgrower
weeder planter
horticulturist landscaper
gardener caretaker
seedsman nurseryman

What is difference between landscaping and gardening?

Gardening is the practice of growing plants and can range from tending to a single plant to an entire garden with a variety of plants. ... Gardening includes such activities as pest control whereas landscaping is more concerned with aesthetics. However, many landscaping companies include gardening services.

What does hard landscaping mean in garden design?

Hard landscaping may not be a phrase you've come across before, especially if you're just getting into the exciting and malleable world of garden design. But it is important to take hard landscaping into consideration during the planning process of garden design, to make for a smoother operation. What Is Hard Landscaping?

Which is the best description of the English landscape garden?

The English landscape garden, also called English landscape park or simply the English garden ( French: Jardin à l'anglaise, Italian: Giardino all'inglese, German: Englischer Landschaftsgarten, Portuguese: Jardim inglês, Spanish: Jardín inglés ), is a style of " landscape " garden which emerged in England in...

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