What Is Human Landscape In Film?

HUMAN The movie (Director’s cut version) – Русский

Humans and the Land – in the continuation of HUMAN a film by Yann-Arthus Bertrand

HUMAN Extended version VOL.1

Frequently Asked Questions

very landscape is the place where we establish our own human organization of space and time’

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The photos in the film Manufactured Landscapes are like oil paintings. The colors seemed to be making a point. Chinese factory workers in the lens look like human machine. The quick and slow movements are all pre-modified and robotic. The flow and repetition have a surreal feel to them.

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The deeply social nature of relationships to place has always mediated people’ s understandings of their environment and their movements within it, and is a process which continues to inform the construction of people’ s social identity today. Landscape values accrue historically.

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