What Is Fall And Spring Clean Up For Landscaping?


Reseeding bare spots and thinned areas of grass. Updating and realigning edging. Redefining borders. Cleaning flower beds and clearing garden debris and flower beds. Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs for ideal summer growth.


"Spring and Fall Cleanup: *Spring cleanup includes: blowing or raking leaves from landscape beds, trimming back any plants that require it at that time, cleaning leaves and debris from window wells and any corners where they have collected over the winter, picking up any sticks or debris from the lawn, finished with standard mowing and bagging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in fall clean up?

Some of the services your fall clean-up could involve may include:

  • Raking up leaves and composting them.
  • Updating Seasonal flowers.
  • Weed Control.
  • Mulching with leaves / grass clippings.
  • Fertilizer Applications.
  • Pruning.
  • Cleaning up branches & lawn debris.
  • Cutting the grass.

What is fall clean up for landscaping?

A Fall Clean-Up is the systematic collection and removal of any leaves, sticks, and debris littering your property as a result of the changing seasons. Your open areas of turf, landscape beds and hardscapes, are all included in our Fall Clean-Up Package.

What is spring fall Cleanup?

Removal of all debris from landscape beds and lawn. Weeding and application of pre-emergent. Cutting back and pruning of all perennials, shrubs, and trees. Edging all beds.

What does fall clean up mean?

Eliminate all leaves, twigs, branches, and debris from lawn and planting beds. Perennial flowers must be “dead-headed” to increase growth in the spring. Fall manure high in natural phosphorus must be applied to promote healthy turf growth in the spring.

Is it easier to clean up in the fall or the spring?

Skipping the cleanup in the fall doesn’t mean that your spring cleanup will be twice as long, it means it could be 3-4 times as long. Easy cleanup in the fall means an even easier cleanup in the spring. No cleanup in the fall means a MASSIVE cleanup in the spring.

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