What Is Dg When Talking About Landscaping?


Decomposed granite, often shortened to DG, is literally that – granitic rock broken down into fine particles that hold together better than simple dirt and come in a variety of colors. Decomposed granite pathways require proper installation.

Decomposed Granite Used As Mulch

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Decomposed Granite Pros & Cons

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Landscape DG?

Decomposed granite, or DG, is made up of granite aggregates a 1/4" or smaller. Sometimes DG is so fine that it resembles sand. Decomposed granite is the least expensive way to pave a patio, walkway, or driveway. DG provides a natural, rustic look and is available in subtle hues of gray, tan and brown.

Is DG good for landscaping?

Natural DG is commonly used in landscapes for mulching, patios, garden paths and play areas or sport surfaces. Without any additives, loose DG is an excellent non-organic mulch and can be spread around trees and other plants. DG continues to weather over time and provides nutrients to surrounding soil and plants.

Is DG cheaper than concrete?

The best part about decomposed granite is that it's relatively inexpensive compared with other solutions such as concrete or pavers. Cost typically statrt at $40 to $50 per cubic yard for locally available options, whereas more exotic colors will be higher.

What is DG mulch?

Decomposed granite, or dg, is another material that is commonly used as a mulch.

How long does DG last on a driveway?

Because of this, it can still wash away slightly, but it has a much longer lifespan than when no stabilizer is added. When using it for a material on a surface that is sloped, the grade should not be too steep. This type of DG will last about seven to ten years. Here, a resin is added to the DG. This creates a hard surface.

How long does a DG of granite last?

This type of DG will last about seven to ten years. Here, a resin is added to the DG. This creates a hard surface. Depending on the company that it comes from, the surface might be similar to asphalt or it might have a loose finish on it.

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