What Is Block Molding Exterior Door?


This is what is known as a brick mold. It is also commonly referred to as a trim or an architrave. Brick molds are also installed on a door. It covers the gap between the window or door frame and the exterior part of the brick siding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are molding blocks?

Block moulding is a unique alternative for corners and dividers. Blocks eliminate the need for difficult miter cuts, and provide a finished look with quick and easy installation.

What is door moulding?

Interior door casing is the term used to describe the trim found around a door opening. According to This Old House, “Door casings are both decorative and utilitarian, enhancing the look of the door while also concealing the transition between the wall and the jamb.”

What is the difference between door casing and door trim?

Types of Trim Molding Casing trim is placed around openings, such as windows and doors. Baseboards are positioned along the bottom of walls, while crown molding is installed at the top near the ceiling. Finally, all trim that is placed directly on walls, not at openings or corners, is referred to as wall trim.

What does brick moulding do for a door frame?

Brick moulding spans between wooden door framing materials and exterior brick walls. Brick moulding not only creates an attractive transition, but also covers the gap between the adjacent materials.

What kind of moulding can I use to trim a door?

Although originally designed for transitions between door jambs and brick walls, brick moulding is suitable for trimming doors and windows in many types of walls, including concrete block and stucco. Many builders use the terms "brick mold" or brick moulding to refer to all types of exterior door and window casing.

Is it OK to put a brick mold on a door?

Installing a brick mold helps increase the life of your door or window. They are the beautiful boundary between the door frame and the siding. The siding can either be brick or any other masonry material.

What does it mean to have a brick mold around a window?

Brickmold is a casing or framing in which a window or door is installed. In this trimming frame, the molding covers the gap between the window/door frame and the exterior part of the brick siding ( or any other type of siding that you have on your home exterior). You must have seen a thick frame attached to the window.

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