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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a B pillar on a car do?

The frames on the front-door windows of a car generally hide the B pillars when the doors are not open. These pillars are vertical and provide a place for the doors to hinge onto when someone closes the doors on a vehicle. This pillar also serves as a place the attach the mountings of the seat belts in the front seat of a car.

Are there any GM door handles that are OEM?

All OEM GM door handles are built from quality materials and made to be exact fit replacement body parts. A new door handle will improve the look of the exterior of your vehicle. Never settle for broken or aftermarket door handles.

What makes a car door a door pillar?

Different vehicles have different car door pillar designs. If the car has power accessories, the doors will have switches for the windows, locks and (on the driver’s side) the power mirrors. The door panel covers internal parts like the window regulator, the power window motor, and the wiring.

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