What Gauge Wire For 12v Landscape Lighting?


Common wires for landscape lighting are 10-, 12-, 14-, or 16-gauge wires. We recommend 12-gauge or 10-gauge wire for long distances. This is to prevent voltage drop. The further you get from the transformer and its power supply, the more resistance occurs in the circuit which causes the voltage to decrease.


Most household lighting fixture, as well as many appliances, requires about 12 – or 14-gauge wire. This is usually indicated as a number and a dash and then another number. For example, 12-2 or 12/2. The first number, 12, indicates the wire diameter while the second number determines the number of wires the cable contains.

FACT Method of Wiring vs HUB & Daisy Chain Methods

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use 14 gauge wire for low voltage?

If the amperage is 15 amps or less, you can use 14-gauge Romex for low voltage. Just make sure that this wiring does not share the same electrical boxes with any 120-volt lines.

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