What Do I Cover My Landscape Drainage Pipe With?


The drain can be left open or, if aesthetics are a concern, can be covered with a couple of inches of topsoil and sod. The most commonly used drain pipe or drainage tile is a corrugated, slotted pipe usually four inches in diameter.

How Does Perforated Drainage Pipe Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a sock on drainage pipe?

If the drain pipe is set in washed 3/4 stone (no fines), then a sock is not needed. However, it should not hurt that there is one on there. For all practical purposes, sock pipe will flow water just as fast as non-sock pipe.

Does drain pipe with sock need Gravel?

The sock around the pipe acts as a filter to keep fines (silt and clay) from clogging the pipe perforations and the pipe itself. So if you have a sock pipe you can use pea gravel or 78M stone.

What can I use to cover a well pipe?

Cover well housing pipe with two tall containers bolted end-to-end. Change out pre-potted plant with seasons. Fast and Fabulous Ideas to Decorate Your...

Why do you need to wrap a drain pipe?

You need a soil separator so that your stone and subsoil don’t mix and it and it’ll plug here. What good is having a pipe that’s not plugged if you can’t get the water to it? So we wrap everything. This is a soil separator, will have the stone and pipe and we’ll wrap it all. That’s how we do it.

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