What Color To Paint Exterior Window Trim?

While light colors, such as white, against white trim offer a clean, modern look. What is the best paint color for window trim? In most cases, we recommend white as the clear choice for just about any room. It’s timeless and classic.

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This lilac shade is actually very bold, but it doesn’t feel like it swallows the room paired with deep crown molding and window trim in all white. Paired with a neutral wall color, white trim highlights the surrounding undertones so the walls don’t look colorless, while still bringing in a slight modern edge.


Bring a tranquil look to your exterior by adding a muted color to your trim and shutters. Washed-out, glassy beach tones, such as faint blue-gray and faded aqua, work well with dark and light exteriors.


Black exterior trim on a white house, for example, emphasizes architectural features for a more modern look. For homes with darker siding, such as brown or charcoal gray, white trim is always a good option. Bright white can make other colors appear more vibrant, so it’s perfect for highlighting a vibrant front door.

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