What Color Of Landscape Rock Goes With White House?


The soft yellow of the evening primroses enhances a white house, and the white snow daisies link it to the landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a landscape rock color?

A foolproof way to pick a great landscaping stone color is to consider complementary colors. Complementary colors are any two colors opposite each other on the color wheel. For example, if your garden has a lot of purple in it, consider choosing a landscaping stone with more yellow in it.

Do white landscaping rocks get dirty?

Bright white landscaping rocks look attractive in walkways, borders and in French drains, especially when you first lay the stone, but the appearance goes downhill when the rocks get dingy and dirty.

What color flowers compliment a White House?

A white house goes with any color of flower, including bold annuals such as multicolored nasturtiums (Tropaeolum spp.) or tender perennials such as red geraniums (Pelargonium hybrida), hardy in USDA zones 10 and 11. Consider contrasting color schemes, as well. Orange against blue, for example, creates a vivid effect.

What kind of rock should I use for landscaping?

Rockin' Landscapes: The 5 Best Types of Landscape Rocks

  1. Decomposed Granite. If you want a soft, rustic look for your yard, decomposed granite is one of the best landscape rock types out there. ...
  2. Pea Gravel. ...
  3. Crushed Granite Gravel. ...
  4. Lava Rock. ...
  5. River Rock.

What are the best combinations of house colors?

Try gray, blue, or white house colors. Brown roof? Go with brown, tan, yellow, or white house colors. Gray roof? Choose gray, blue, green, black, or white house colors. Red roof? How about gray, black, or brown house colors. The urban farmhouse in this photo is painted dusty green to harmonize with the green roof.

Which is the Best Rock for landscape beds?

River rock is like the big brother to pea gravel. It too is generally smooth but is larger in size. They also have more distinction in color overall. You can buy river rock in different colors: white, black, brown or a mixture. Sometimes they even have a marble like look. River rock is a great replacement for mulch in larger, more visible beds.

Which is the best color for Chip Rock?

The most popular color for chip rock is white. You see it used a lot in Florida landscapes. The white color makes it a great base to set of flowery, colorful plants. It also works great in beds up close to the house or in pool areas.

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