What Color Exterior Paint Lasts Longest?


Inorganic colors (beiges, browns, tans, and other earth-tone colors) are more stable on exterior exposure. The pigments used in these colors are less likely to break down then the pigments in organic colors such as reds, blues, greens and yellows.


Which exterior paint lasts the longest? As per the industry standard for professional painters, acrylic paint is the best type of paint on exterior finishing materials. Acrylic paint lasts the longest and is also known for resisting all sorts of damage caused by weather and other natural variables.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What color paint lasts the longest?

white seems to last the longest of any color. white is also easier to keep clean and requires less maintenance than the other colors as well.

Which is the paint color that lasts the longest?

Yeah whites obviously going to last longest. My magenta gray pearl gst is peeling all over the place, but my buddy's white gst with equal mileage is superb paint. He waxes his car a lot as well. I bought the car peeling already so couldn't really save it.

What makes exterior paint last for so long?

This is especially true in dry, hot climates, such as Arizona and Nevada, where the intense UV exposure exerts a heavy toll on exterior paint. All else being equal, high-quality paints are outstanding for holding their color when exposed to the elements.

What makes a good exterior paint for a home?

All else being equal, high-quality paints are outstanding for holding their color when exposed to the elements. High-quality paints not only exhibit better adhesion to the surface to which they are applied, they are also more resistant to chalking – a process that can rob an exterior paint of its color.

Why do some colors last longer than others?

That’s why lighter colors last longer and fade less than dark colors. And because dark colors fade faster, they are more difficult to touch up. Here are other things to consider when choosing exterior paint colors that last longer: Certain colors are not recommended for exterior use.

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