What Chemicals Do Landscapers Use?


Chemicals that kill weeds, insects and a variety of diseases are sold separately and in combination with fertilizers such as ‘weed and feed’. These formulations may include organophosphates, carbamates, phenoxy and benzoic acid herbicides like 2,4 D, MCPP, and MCPA, pyrethroids and organchlorines.


Some of the best chemicals for pre-emergent weed control include trifluralin, bensulide, DCPA, dichlobenil, oryzalin, and simazine. These are the active compounds that lawn companies use to kill weeds before they germinate.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do professional lawn companies use to kill weeds?

Most professional lawn care companies use a liquid spray for weed control. The spray hits the weeds and, once it dries, it will not come off – even in the rain.

What are the chemicals that destroy weeds?

Chemicals that are used to kill plants or weeds are called herbicides.

What kind of chemicals are used in lawn care?

Unfortunately, there currently is no program to monitor our drinking water for this type of contamination. Many of the most widely use lawn care chemicals have been detected in ground water (e.g., 2,4-D, Sevin, Diazinon, and RoundUp).

Why are lawn care chemicals bad for the environment?

The benefits of using lawn care chemicals are easy to see, but the effects they may have on your family's health and the environment are less obvious. A lush, thick lawn is an ideal natural playground, as well as a practical ground cover for yards. Growing the 'perfect' lawn is something of a suburban quest, a neighborly challenge for some.

What do lawn companies use to kill weeds?

One of the most popular chemicals for post-emergent weed control is glyphosate. It is a general purpose weed killer that is used frequently and available in many forms. If you’re wondering what do lawn companies use to kill weeds … well this is probably it.

How many pounds of pesticides are used in lawn care?

Either way, it’s all too easy to reach for a packaged solution – lawn care chemicals which are quite effective at killing weeds and helping establish a beautiful lawn. Some 100 million pounds of pesticides are used by homeowners in homes and gardens each year, and concern is growing about the potential hazards associated with their use.

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