What Chapter Is It When Tris And Tobias Fear Landscape?


Summary: Chapter 25 They have a brief, tense discussion about Erudite’s accusations against Abnegation, and Tris silently worries that Jeanine is planning a revolution. As Christina and Will leave together, Tris spots Four climbing up the Pit walls and secretly follows him to the fear landscape room.

Дивергент – Трис и Фор -шепотом (divergent Tris and four )

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Divergent – Four Saving Tris Scene

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tris overcome the birds in her fear landscape in chapter thirty?

By Veronica Roth We're in Tris's fear landscape, so this should be fun. First, we have the birds attacking her, but it's not really about the birds. Tris realized that it's about control, so she fights back with something that makes her feel in control and powerful: a gun. Then we get the glass tank filling with water.

What is the fear landscape in divergent?

The Dauntless initiation process has several steps, one of which being a test involving the initiate's "fear landscape." This means that initiates will be put under a simulation that forces them to face their fears.

What four fears has Tris faced at this point Chapter 21?

What Four fears has Tris faced by Chapter 21? Being burned alive by Peter, drowning in an ocean, watching her family bleed to death, and being forced to shoot her family.

What happened in divergent Chapter 32?

Summary: Chapter 32 Tris, Christina, and Will discuss potential jobs and their fear landscapes. ... As Tobias touches the injection site on Tris's neck, she suddenly realizes the Erudite must be planning to use the serum to control the Dauntless. She decides to tell Tobias in private.

Why is Tris Prior so afraid of Tobias?

Intimacy with Tobias was just a small fear she had, Tobias being her first boyfriend. Also Know, why is Tris afraid of intimacy? Tris has one especially unique fear, and it's an important one: fear of sexual assault. In Roth's novel, Tris has a fear of intimacy, shown in her fear landscape as sexual intimacy.

Why does four invite Tris into his fear landscape?

Four invites Tris into his fear landscape. Before they go in, he tells her to see if she can figure out why they call him Four, and if she can figure out his real name. In the first part of the landscape they're on top of a building, reflecting his fear of heights, and they have to jump off.

How many fears does Tris have in divergent?

In her fear landscape she faced seven "separate" fears: 1. crows in field 2.water tank 3.body of water and rocks 4.being burned at the stake 5.men taking her 6. Tobias and intimacy 7.killing her family The way I see it, Tris should also be called Four, or Three even. Because 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 can all be labeled as the fear of being out of control.

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