What Causes A Trip In A Gfci Bathroom Circuit?


Most often, when a GFCI “trips” it is the result of a faulty appliance plugged into the outlet or an outlet down circuit. … GFCI outlets should be installed in any area where moisture can be potentially present, examples include kitchen countertop outlets, bathroom outlets, all exterior outlets and garages.


When you plug-in devices that draw more current than required, the circuit breaker trips to avoid overheating. Many things can cause circuit overload including defective appliances, rusted wires, permanently installed electric motors, and others. To see if it is circuit overload that is causing your GFCI tripping,

Why would a GFCI plug trip every time I plug something into it?

Why would a new GFCI keep tripping without reason?

GFCI outlet trips ” Why”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my bathroom GFCI keep tripping?

If your insulation is worn out, old, or damaged, it could cause your GFCI to trip. The insulation is in the wall is meant to help prevent such leaks from occurring. So if your insulation is worn, this can cause more leaks. Sometimes having too much equipment or appliances plugged in can also cause your GFCI to trip.

How do you fix a GFCI that keeps tripping?

3. Overloaded Circuit

  1. Unplug all the appliances connected to the circuit in question.
  2. Reset the circuit on your fuse box.
  3. Wait several minutes.
  4. Plug an appliance back in and turn it on.
  5. Check to see that your circuit has not tripped.
  6. Plug in the next appliance, turn it on, check the breaker and so on.

Why does my GFCI keep tripping?

Ground faults occur when electrical current finds an unintended path to ground. ... The insulation protecting longer conductors has higher capacitance, which can cause even more leakage current. On GFCI-protected circuits, leakage current can cause unnecessary and intermittent tripping.

How can you tell if a GFCI outlet is bad?

If the red button is already inside but there is still no power to the GFCI outlet or the outlets connected to it, push the black button. This should cause the red button to pop out. If the red button does not pop out, the GFCI outlet is defective.

Why does my GFCI trip when I plug it in?

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) trips when it sees a ground fault, or leakage of currents even as little as 5mA between the hot wire and the ground. If your GFCI continues to trip immediately after you have plugged in a device, know that you have a faulty circuit. The tripping is just to protect appliances plugged into the outlet.

What happens when a GFCI circuit breaker trips?

GFCIs are designed to prevent bodily harm from electrical faults that could cause electricity to flow through you to ground. When a GFCI breaker trips, it It quickly disconnects the current flowing through an unintended ground path even if the amount of current is too small to trip a typical circuit breaker.

Why does my ground fault circuit interrupter keep tripping?

It’s not uncommon for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets to trip, especially during these rainy Northern Arizona monsoon summers. When they do trip they’re trying to alert you to a problem.

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